Need Three Pointers?

Here are 5 solid free agents that will knock down a lot of three’s. I have ranked the following players in the order that I believe they should be picked up in.

  1. Jordan Farmar (Yahoo Rank = 99)
    61 3PTM, 1.6 3PTM/g
    3PTM (last 5 games): 13

    Commentary: Farmar has been the epitome of consistency for the Los Angeles Lakers. Playing on average 20/min a game, Farmar still averages 10 points a game, a steal a game, and a few assists and rebounds a game. Due to the absence of Bynum in the middle and now Ariza on the wing, expect Farmar to get more minutes and more looks a game (especially from three-point land!). Anyone that has watched an LA Lakers game recently knows that Farmar leads the second unit in scoring, intensity and reliability. My favorite metric for measuring a Lakers player’s performance is whether Kobe Bryant passes that player the ball and this is definitely the case when you’re talking about Farmar.

  2. Martell Webster (Yahoo Rank = 101)
    72 3PTM, 1.8 3PTM/g
    3PTM (last 5 games): 11

    Commentary:Baby Kobe”, as his teammate LaMarcus Aldridge so admiringly nicknamed him after he scored 24 points in one quarter, is a talented, but very streaky player. As of late, Webster hasn’t been doing so hot, so he probably will be available in one of your leagues. Watch out for this guy, though. He’s got a phenomenal shot and displays incredible athleticism. Although his shot has been a little off the past few games, managers that are seeking 3PT will be glad to hear that nearly everything he has put in the basket as of late has been a 3PT.

  3. Keith Bogans (Yahoo Rank = 85)
    89 3PTM, 2.1 3PTM/g
    3PTM (last 5 games): 8

    Commentary: No longer in the starting lineup, Keith Bogans is one of the better 6th men in the NBA right now. His 3PT shooting percentage isn’t spectacular, but because of the sheer number of looks he gets, Bogans is a legitimate 3PT option for any manager looking to improve in this category. One of the good things about him coming off the bench is that his FG% has drastically improved; it looks as if his shot-selection has improved and this has yielded dividends for the 6-5 guard-forward out of Kentucky.

  4. Eddie House (Yahoo Rank = 106)
    65 3PTM, 1.7 3PTM/g
    3PTM (last 5 games): 10

    Commentary: Eddie House is a very sold overall fantasy player with a particular prowess in 3PTM. Another good sign for managers is the fact that House has been getting more than 10 more minutes a game above his average the last 5 or so games. Not only can House knock down the three ball, but with additional minutes he can pull down a few rebounds, dish out a few dimes and make at least one steal a game.

  5. Michael Finley (Yahoo Rank = 134)
    73 3PTM, 1.9 3PTM/g
    3PTM (last 5 games): 8

    Commentary: At 34 years of age, Michael Finley is still a legitimate scoring threat on a very good Spurs team. Lately his minutes have been sporadic to say the least, and the Spurs have been having their individual team woes as well, but expect Finley to rebound strong in the second half and improve upon his very mediocre fantasy rank. This guy’s just too talented not to if he stays healthy.

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