RT21 (Ronny Turiaf) is THE MAN

If you’re looking for a strong up-and-coming PF, look no further–Ronny Turiaf is your man!

It goes without question that Ronny Turiaf is a great asset to the Los Angeles Lakers, but RT21 (as I have nicknamed him) has never been quite the fantasy producer. Admired for his energy, hardwork and relentlessness on the interior, Turiaf brings a much needed spark to the Lakers’ second unit now with Andrew Bynum sidelined with a knee injury. Another player that has sparked the Lakers second unit is Jordan Farmer, which I named the best free agent 3-point specialist pickup earlier today.

As I write this post, the Lakers lead the San Antonio Spurs 54-45 at halftime and Turiaf has already accumulated 11 points (4/5 shooting), 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks and an assist in only 12 minutes of play. In my opinion, Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson will undoubtedly realize that Kwame Brown (booed off the court by his Lakers fans when he had 8 points and 7 turnovers) and Luke Walton (garbage!) are subpar performers and grant Turiaf more minutes. He is only averaging 17 minutes on the year, but I expect this to rise to around 25 minutes a contest (as it has the last couple of games). Also, we shouldn’t forget that Trevor Ariza is also out with an injury.

I mean honestly, who else do the Lakers have on the interior that can produce?
DJ Mbenga, who was signed to a 10-day contract recently? Pssh, the man can’t even say “taco“. The fact of the matter is that Ronny Turiaf is the only productive low-post player (if you can call him that) for the Lakers and I believe his fantasy stats (particulary his percentages, rebounds and blocks) will increase substantially in the next 7-8 weeks that Bynum is out.


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5 thoughts on “RT21 (Ronny Turiaf) is THE MAN

  1. I think Turiaf will still not get as many minutes as Kwame Brown. Phil Jackson for some reason thinks really highly of him, and I think he may actually settle in to be an almost league average center.


  2. Mike, although I understand where you are coming from, and I do agree that Phil Jackson thinks highly of Kwame, I can’t help but think that Turiaf is much better. I think that over time (in the long run) the Lakers fans, as well as Jackson, will ensure that RT21 will get more playing time.


  3. turiaf is too small to play the 5. and i think with lamar odom and luke walton, his time at forward is limited. its either brown or this mbenga guy they signed who looks terrible


  4. Turiaf’s been averaging 6-8 more minutes a game in bynum’s absence, averaging 12 points (16/28 shooting), 3.5 boards and 2.5 blocks.I just watched a Lakers practice report and Phil Jackson told the media that Ronny has been held back a bit by a nagging toe injury. This has prevented Jackson from playing him for extended periods of time.If Turiaf can work through this injury, I think he can be a solid pickup in deeper leagues (12+ teams).


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