Fantasy Basketball Podcast #3: Dirk, Paul and Webber

Check out Fantasy Basketball Pros’ third audio podcast here. We play “Fact or Fiction”, where I ask Senior Writer Michael Yu three things:

  1. Fact or fiction? Fantasy owners should drop Dirk.
  2. Fact or fiction? Chris Paul is next years first overall fantasy draft pick.
  3. Fact or fiction? Chris Webber is a hall of famer.

See how Mike answers these questions in the podcast. Him and I differ on question #2–listen to find out why.

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Four Yahoo Head to Head (H2H) Playoff Tips

Kobe, Lebron, KG and company still have a few weeks before the playoffs begin, but Yahoo fantasy basketball H2H managers do not. Week 22 begins on Monday and that means it’s PLAYOFF TIME! I wanted to write a post with a few tips for those in H2H leagues, but I thought I could get the point across better in spoken word, so I’ve attached below FBP’s first ever audio podcast. It’s short. It’s sweet. And it’s to the point. But above all, it’s a valuable feature because I share with you 4 tips on how to be victorious in your H2H league playoff matchups.

Here’s the 1st podcast (titled: Friday’s Fantasy Fastbreak): CLICK HERE

The Four Tips (on podcast)
Tip 1: Make add/drops now
Tip 2: Check out scheduling
Tip 3: Scout your opponent
Tip 4: Be prepared and patient

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