Pickup of the Night: March 17

Farid’s Fantastic Predictions
I like the Rockets over the Celtics today with McGrady going for 24/8/6. I also like the Lakers over the Mavs with Kobe (38/9/3) dominating Dirk (19/11/5) in his own building. Let’s see how I do. But anyway, on to the pickups of the night:

Coach Sloan has been talking about integrating Korver as more of an option within the Jazz option and that’s exactly what has occurred. Korver put a ridiculous line of 17 pts [6-7 FG, 1-1 3PT, 4-4 FT], 4 reb, 4 asst, 2 stl in only 21 minutes of play last night. Although I’d like him to get more minutes, I still think he’s a viable option for a fantasy manager looking for points, threes and above average percentages.

Second Best: SAM CASSELL (Bos, PG)
I bet you didn’t think you’d hear Alien’s name come up this early in his tenure with the Celtics, but with Allen banged up and the Celtics looking for veteran leadership, Cassell has fit right in with Boston the last couple of games. Last night against the Spurs he went for 17 points and 5 rebounds on 7-13 shooting from the field. If I was a betting man (ok, I actually am), I’d put money on Cassell finishing off the season with decent fantasy numbers.

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7 thoughts on “Pickup of the Night: March 17

  1. i was certain that the celtics would win until i realized it was the second game in a back-to-back. and the first game was tonight against the Spurs, a physical team. and ray allen didn’t play. t-mac’s team wins, hopefully t-mac doesn’t put up great numbers. and i hope dirk goes for 30/12/5 with some threes, steals, and blocks. just hoping though…


  2. I love Korver’s potential to help in the 3 pt category down the stretch but just wish he would consistently see 25 minutes a night. He’s definately a guy to keep an eye on however.


  3. Yeah it’s funny because Coach Sloan seems to like him a lot and really wants to see him get more shots, but at the end of the day his minutes fluctuate so much. Here’s to hoping they go up!


  4. Thanks for visiting The Net Fool Dot Com. Your two blogs are really great, I’ve never seen a fantasy basketball blog that gives day-by-day picks, thats awesome 🙂


  5. Prediction #1: CorrectKobe: 29/2/7Dirk: 31/11/1So Kobe didn’t dominate Dirk, but the Lakers did take down the Mavericks in their own house.


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