NBA Injury Report: Wallace, Roy, Butler, Arenas

Here is your end-of-the-month Fantasy Basketball Pros Injury Report. Recently the NBA has lost Yao Ming and Daniel Gibson to devastating injuries. The good thing about injuries (sorry to those that are actually injured) is that it makes fantasy a lot more volatile and fun. If you’re thinking about picking someone up, consider a player from a banged up team like Portland or Washington.

  1. Gerald Wallace
    Continues to experience post-concussion symptoms and is scheduled to see a neurologist later in the week to undergo a new battery of tests
    Expected return: About a month
    Expected fantasy impact upon return: Lower production. He’s saying he may have to alter his game upon return (this guy has had 4 concussions)
  2. Brandon Roy
    Roy: “Hopefully it’s just a sprain and nothing more. Once we get the MRI, I’ll know what to tell you. I’ve been doing treatment two or three times per day, and it’s getting worse instead of getting better.”
    Expected return: Not for at least a couple more games/one week UPDATE 3-1: he’s back
    Expected fantasy impact upon return: No expected change

  3. Caron Butler
    Didn’t go on the last road trip. Apparently he is resting instead of rehabbing. UPDATE 2/28–apparently Butler has a tear in his hip and it’s very unclear what his timetable for return will be.
    Expected return: Probably late next week Wait and see
    Expected fantasy impact upon return: Slightly less production. Fewer offensive numbers if Gilbert actually returns
  4. Gilbert Arenas
    Agent Zero played a full-court one-on-one against rookie Nick Young before Washington’s game vs. Charlotte on Feb 23. His left knee is gaining strength, but he backed off his earlier target of returning against New Orleans this Sunday.
    Expected return: Definitely after Mar 2nd
    Expected fantasy impact upon return: 75% less production across the boards, but also depends on health of Butler
  5. Elton Brand
    Claims he can jump as high as he could before he was injured. Will resume full-contact practice in the near future.
    Expected return: Still a couple weeks at the earliest
    Expected fantasy impact upon return: Don’t expect much. The Clips are almost certainly out of the playoff hunt and they’ll be looking for a good lottery pick and a healthy Brand for next year. His minutes will be severely limited.

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