Devean George Blocks Kidd Deal With No-Trade Clause!?!

According to ESPN, Devean George will exercise his rare no-trade clause to block a proposed blockbuster trade that would have sent Jason Kidd to the Dallas Mavericks. We chronicled the trade and its fantasy impact on FBP earlier today , but apparently it is NOT going to go through.

Summary of today’s events:

  1. New Jersey and Dallas agreed to the deal in principal earlier today
  2. They were set to take the trade to the league first thing tomorrow
  3. Devean George informed the Mavericks he wouldn’t accept the trade
  4. According to the Dallas Morning News, Mark Cuban was asked if he thought the trade would go through and he responded: “No, I don’t think so”
  5. Avery Johnson also had this to say about trades in general: “[many trades] get to the 20-yard line, inside the red zone, and don’t get into the end zone”

So it looks like this deal isn’t happening just yet. My belief is that some sort of deal gets done in the end, with or without George (talk about an important piece of puzzle <–sarcasm). Why the heck does George have a no-trade clause anyway? I mean sure he’s a veteran now and I know he “won” (more like sat around and was gifted) 3 championships while with the Lakers, but this is absurd.

I’d be interested to hear from our readers in the comments what they thing will happen with this situation–will Kidd eventually find his way to Dallas?–if so, for who?

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4 thoughts on “Devean George Blocks Kidd Deal With No-Trade Clause!?!

  1. If you think Jason Kidd is going to do anything for the Mav’s think again. This guy’s gonna clock out any day now! And if you ever did watch the Lakers you would know how much George did there. Who could really blame him for not wanting to move to NEW JERSEY? HAve you been there? I think it’s where god took a dump;)


  2. justin, i’m from southern california, so i had a first-hand view of what george did for the lakers and in my humble opinion it wasn’t that much. he was never a good shooter and he wasn’t the kind of guy that could be relied upon in the clutch. the only thing that i’ll say about his contribution to the lakers during their title run’s is that at least he didn’t demand the ball (kobe and shaq only needed role players).as for New Jersey, it’s actually a nice play. i’ve been to the IZOD center and it’s a nice arena. NJ is one of the prettiest state’s at certain time’s of the year. being from california though, i CAN understand why george wouldn’t want to leave warm weather.


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