Fantasy Impact of Chris Webber to the Warriors

The Scoop
By now, you’ve probably heard that C-Webb is heading back to Golden State. But the 16 year NBA veteran and 5-time NBA All-Star isn’t just coming back to teach the youngins how to box out, he’s hungry to win and there’s a good chance he will be productive in Don Nelson’s high-tempo transition offense (an offensive style C-Webb has called “fun“).

Historical Fantasy Breakdown

  • Rebounding: Historically, Chris Webber has been a beast on the boards. Averaging just under 10 rebounds for his career, Webber was the NBA rebounding champion at 13 boards a contest in his first season with the Kings in the strike-shortened 1998-1999 season.
  • Passing: Heralded as one of the best passing big men of the 1990s, Webber averaged around 5 assists a game during his prime in Sacramento. He has soft hands and is a very intelligent high post player.
  • Shooting: Webber has always shot the ball at a very high percentage. Although his FG% has declined since his days in Sacramento, Webber showed in Detroit that he can knock down the open shot with finesse when needed. His FT% has always left something to be desired, however. Hovering around 65% for his career, this is one of Webber’s liabilities.
  • Defense: Webber has always been very active on the defense side of the ball. Knee injuries have definitely hampered his production in steals and blocks over the years, but there’s no debating that when healthy he should be producing at least a steal and a block a game on average.

Webber’s Fantasy Potential in 2008
If Nellie preaches anything, it’s offense. Ranked #2 in the NBA in total offense at 109.2 ppg and worst in the NBA in total defense at 107.3 ppg, Chris Webber definitely has the potential to score a lot of points at a high percentage and probably pull down quite a few boards as well. In fact, if Chris Webber is as healthy as he claims to be, he figures to get pretty decent minutes as the only big men (if you can call them that) ahead of him on the depth chart at the 4 and the 5 are Andris Biedrens (10 pts, 10 rbs), Al Harrington (15 pts, 5 rbs) and Matt Barnes (8 pts, 5 rbs). Currently the Warriors are conceding 5 more boards to their opponents each night (due to their rapid fire offense) and a strong, experienced front-court player such as Webber would do well to control the interior. Also, C-Webb isn’t that old–at 34 years of age Hakeem Olajuwon was still averaging 19 ppg for the Rockets, Michael Jordan 30 for the Bulls and Karl Malone 27 for the Jazz.

Chris Webber will play 34 games for the Warriors this season if he begins playing against Chicago on February 7th. Here’s what I see him averaging:

Minutes: 17-22 // Will be coming off the bench
Points: 13.2 // A scorer on a team that averages 107 ppg
FG%/FT%: 48%, 64% // Should be about same as Detroit stats
Rebounds: 6.2 // Will definitely help the Warriors in this category
Assists: 2.8 // With the sheer # points GS scores, assists will be there
Steals: 1.0 // Good hands
Blocks: 0.6 // Conservative, but probably correct because of knee problems
Turnovers: 2.8 // Will need time to adjust to Nellie’s style

What a Fantasy Manager Should Do
If C-Webb can do what I’ve predicted above, he should just be sneaking onto the list of the Top 100 Fantasy Players (and into the Top 25 Fantasy PF’s as well). In the ideal situation, a manager will patiently wait and see if Webber performs and then pick him up. But because many managers will use Webber’s name as reason alone for picking him up, I’d recommend picking him up when he’s activated if your team is desperate for PF production. Otherwise, wait it out if you can.

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3 thoughts on “Fantasy Impact of Chris Webber to the Warriors

  1. whenever he gets in shape to play, he should supplant barnes as the top “big man” in the gs rotation. But I agree there are most likely better options available.


  2. Nice Post about C-Webb.I don’t think Webber will do enough to be fantasy-relevant as there’s a good chance he only gets used in half court sets. Golden State will most likely only play that style when the matchup warrants and Webber seems like a poor fit for their preferred up-tempo style.


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