Pickup of the Night: March 27

Only three NBA games tonight (2 if you don’t count that fact that the Heat played in one of them), so not much to choose from. My Bruins upended Western Kentucky so I’m pretty happy about that right now. But the Lakers suck (having lost to Charlotte), so I’m pretty bummed about them. But enough about me and my West Coast bias and on to the player of the night.


This guy was a stud at UCLA but hasn’t really got any minutes in this his rookie season with the Central Champion Pistons. Fortunately for him, Richard Hamilton has been banged up recently and the Pistons are in need of a substitute. And that’s exactly what Afflalo has been. He has started the last three games and last night against the Heat (I know it’s the Heat), he went for 15 and 7 with 2 steals and a block–not bad for the former Bruin. Pick this guy up if nobody is left in your league. But generally, keep an eye on him for the future. He may be a legitimate pickup in future seasons.

Second Best: CHRIS QUINN

It’s hard to recommend this guy because he is playing on the worst NBA team on this Earth, but the guy has been putting up above-average numbers. In his last five games he is averaging 13 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and THREE steals a game. In ESPN leagues he is being snatched up like crazy, so don’t be the only guy on the block without him. The Heat may be in the shitters, but this guy can straight ball. Pick him up if you need some point guard help.

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3 thoughts on “Pickup of the Night: March 27

  1. I recently swapped out Jason Williams for Quinn in a couple leagues. I wish the kid could shoot a little better, but other than that, he’s been solid.


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