Studs and Duds: Monday Edition

I blame daylight savings for the Lakers loss to the Kings last night. Kobe was obviously fatigued by the time the game reached the fourth quarter and could not play to his potential. One point in the fourth quarter Kobe? That’s abysmal. Well, at least daylight savings time hasn’t affected me, so here are some players you might want to consider adding or dropping, in a feature we’re calling “Studs and Duds”.


Thaddeus Young, SF, PHI
– Last 5 games (avg): 14 pts, 6 reb, 2 steals; 30-44 shooting
– Minutes have gone way up and this young guy can straight ball. It looks like he’ll see a lot of minutes the rest of the way

Charlie Bell, SG, MIL
– Last 5 games (avg): 12 pts, 4 asst, 3 reb, 1.4 stl; 9 3’s
– Minutes have gone up about 5 minutes a game

Joakim Noah, C, CHI
– Last 5 games (avg): 11 pts, 10 reb, 1 stl; 18-35 shooting
– Seems to have put his off court troubles with the team behind him and impressed in Week 19. I love 20 rebound games


Michael Finley, G, SAN
– Last 5 games (avg): 6 pts, 2.4 reb; 9-41 FGs, 4-16 from 3PT
– Yesterday against Phoenix: 1 point, 0-6 shooting, 23 min
– Long seasons can wear you down–especially when you just turned 35

Antonio McDyess, C, DET
– Last 5 games (avg): 3.4 pts, 5 reb, 26 min; 6-27 shooting
– Minutes/game have decreased around 4 minutes from season average
– The man in the middle hasn’t been consistent for the Pistons lately

Brad Miller, C, SAC
– Last 5 games (avg): 7 pts, 8 reb, 2 TO’s; 14-36 shooting
– 0 and 2 points in his last two games (22 and 25 minutes respectively)
– Admits he is at a low point in the season
– Minutes have been cut drastically for the much improved Mikki Moore and Spencer Hawes

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4 thoughts on “Studs and Duds: Monday Edition

  1. I love Noah going forward as the starting center in Chicago, but where is the love for my boy Nate Robinson! 45 points, 6 boards and 6 assists is nothing to sneeze at!


  2. Ben, I do like Nate Robinson a lot. He’s been consistent here at the start of March, I just want to see if he can string it together for a few more games. Plus the Knicks are just so volatile I just don’t know what to say about their players.


  3. Well, we all once again witnessed Nate’s consistency with that wonderful five point outing on Monday. The Knicks’ organization is a disaster and anyone outside of Zack Randolph and Jamal Crawford should be touched with extreme caution.


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