End of Season Alert: Yahoo’s Max Games Played

At the end of December, I did a comprehensive analysis of Yahoo’s Max Games Played rule. Well we’re at that time of year where if you are in a Rotisserie league, you should definitely be aware of your total games played to this point and whether you are projected to overshoot the alloted number of games in your league.

So consider this a reminder from someone who is currently tied for 1st place in a Standard Yahoo Rotisserie league, but is projected to far exceed the alloted number of games–check your max games played!

What to do if you’re reaching your max games played:

  1. Only insert a player into a roster slot if he is worthy of eating up an entire game
    This means, if you are running out of games in the Forward position, don’t start picking up sleepers in that same position from the Waiver Wires. If you have superstar Forwards already on your team, play them. The good thing about Yahoo is that if you have a player inserted into your lineup one day, but that player does not play a minute in his game, his mere presence on your roster will not count against your max games played. Unfortunately though, if a player plays even 1 min and doesn’t perform well, not only do you not accumulate fantasy stats, but a game is docked from your max games played.
  2. Be very strategic.
    So lets imagine a scenario where your quickly running out of games in the Guard position. Lets also imagine you have a team STACKED with 5 great guards. The logical response of a manager might be to keep all 5 guards on the team (because they are so good) and exceed the max games played rather early. This is terrible strategy. In this instance I would suggest DROPPING good guards for strong waiver candidates in other positions. A manager needs to keep his emotions and personal player preferences as far away from his team as he can so as to avoid making irrational decisions. So be strategic, if a player isn’t going to help you down the stretch, drop him for a player of another position and accumulate stats there.

That’s all I got for now, let me know what advice you might have for managers with max games played problems in the comments above.

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To hoops,


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