You’re Addicted to Fantasy Basketball If…

  1. You root against your favorite team to cheer for your fantasy players
  2. You know all of the positions David Lee is eligible for (SF, PF, C)
  3. When someone goes down with an injury you don’t pray for their speedy recovery, you thank god it wasn’t someone on your fantasy team
  4. The number of moves you’ve made in a H2H league is greater than your team’s total number of wins
  5. You call anything worse than a top 3 finish in a league a “rebuilding year
  6. You start a blog about fantasy basketball (oh wait, that’s me)
  7. You don’t need a free Yahoo Stat Tracker, you manually log the performance of your players each night
  8. You have Google Calendar events remind you when certain players should be returning from injury
  9. You watch the Celtics/Spurs game only to see if you should pick up Fabricio Oberto
  10. You scout the college basketball scene for next year’s possible sleepers
  11. Give Me The Rock is your home page
  12. Your spouse complains you don’t get enough exercise
  13. You check your team at work, at school, at the library, on your iPhone, in the shower, or wherever there is an internet connection
  14. When Phil Jackson benches Kobe early because it’s a blowout, you scream at the television because of the fantasy impact
  15. Last year as commissioner of your league you did more than David Stern has done for the NBA in the last 5 years
  16. You have 5 Yahoo accounts and only use them to play fantasy basketball
  17. You know the number of 3PT’s separating you and the 1st place team in your roto league

Hope you enjoyed. Have any of your own? Add them to the comments below!

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To hoops,


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