RookieWatch 07-08, #16-20

We’re all excited about our new site. So without further ado, for the next installment of RookieWatch 07-08, we look at picks #16-20. Don’t forget to check out fantasy analysis of picks #1-5 | #6-10 | #11-15.

  1. Nick Young, Washington Wizards – Young shot up into the mid-first round with a great NCAA showing with USC. With the current injuries to the Wizards, Young has seen an increase in playing time that has led to an outburst in scoring. A long, lanky athlete, he has the potential to be of the Josh Howard mold, but still has a lot of raw ability that needs to be harnessed. Furthermore, with the impending return of Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, and Antonio Daniels, Young should find himself deep on the bench once again in the near future.

    Recommendation: Only a very short term option, but you are probably better off going another way.

  1. Sean Williams, New Jersey Nets – The Nets were taking a huge chance on Williams, who had been suspended for the second part of the Boston College season. However, they could not pass on the athletic and shot-blocking potential, and have been rewarded so far this season, as have fantasy owners who have picked up this rookie. Williams has entered the starting lineup and has earned more playing time, and his points, rebounds, and blocked shots have all increased. Williams is a nice complementary role player to get for one of your last two roster spots.

    Recommendation: For help in blocked shots, FG%, and rebounds, pick up this man now!

  2. Marco Belinelli, Golden State Warriors – Former teammate of Manu Ginobili, Belinelli had a monster NBA Summer League campaign before leaving to go back to Italy for Eurobasket 2007. Now back with the Warriors, Belinelli has not seen any consistent playing time, although he has the capability to score in bunches, similar to his former teammate Ginobili. With the style of the Warriors and their deep bench, Belinelli will continue to see little playing time.

    Recommendation: Ignore for this current season.

  3. Javaris Crittenton, Memphis Grizzlies – Traded to the Grizzlies from the Lakers in the Pau Gasol trade, Crittenton had no fantasy value until leaving LA. Although his value is still not high, being on a perennial loser will only get him more playing time. He has shown flashes of the ability to score and if he can consistently break into the Grizzlies’ rotation, he may be a viable player for one of the last slots on your team. With the potential to shoot well and score, Crittenton could be a possibility for the last few weeks of the season.

    Recommendation: Put him on your watch list.

  4. Jason Smith, Philadelphia 76ers – Smith was drafted by the Miami Heat and then shipped to Philly on draft day. A big seven foot center, Smith has struggled to adapt to the NBA and has been buried behind Samuel Dalembert, who has had a break-out season. Smith has shown the ability to shoot well, score, and rebound when given some consistent minutes. However, he has been unable to break into the regular rotation, even with the 76ers’ season going nowhere.

    Recommendation: Smith also should be going nowhere near your fantasy roster.

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