10 Players on the NBA Trading Block

Courtesy of our friend John Hollinger over at The New York Sun, here are some of the players still on the NBA trading block. The NBA trade deadline is on February 22nd, 2008. What might be the fantasy impact of each of these guys being dealt?

  1. Andre Miller – good player on a bad team that is looking to rebuild, he’s in his prime, so look for him to be reinvigorated by a trade to a contender
  2. Mike Bibby UPDATE: Bibby traded to the Atlanta Hawks for 4 Players, check here for FBP’s fantasy analysis — Feb 16, 2008
  3. Mike Miller – having the best shooting year of his career, Miller would lose fantasy value if he doesn’t stay in Memphis
  4. Ron Artest – has the potential to be a top 15 fantasy player if he’s healthy, focused and traded to a contender; if the latter happens, watch out
  5. Sam Cassell – will be 40 in 21 months and the Clippers don’t need him, fantasy impact of a trade would be contingent upon team and team’s needs
  6. Corey Maggette – apparently him and the coach haven’t been getting along, look for a positive fantasy impact to CM stock if he’s traded
  7. Jermaine O’Neal – injuries, injuries, injuries, who would really want this guy now?
  8. Tyrus Thomas
  9. Wally Szczerbiak
  10. Ricky Davis

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