"Baby Kobe" Scores 24 Points in 3rd Quarter

Highlights of this post: Martell Webster goes for 24 points in one quarter. Brandon Roy only plays nine minutes after injuring his tailbone. Blazers beat Utah again. Here we go.

Not only can I score 24 points in a quarter, but watch me balance balls on my head(1) Martell Webster = “baby Kobe” ?!?
Martell Webster–a player that I acquired as a free agent in one of my leagues at the end of ’07 (pats self on back)–torched the Utah Jazz on Saturday night for 24 points in the third quarter alone in route to a career-high 26 point evening. This prompted LaMarcus Aldridge to say this about Webster:

“We were calling him Baby Kobe because he couldn’t miss.”

During his near record-setting third quarter (one shy of Terry Porter’s team record 25 points in a quarter), Webster hit ten straight shots (including three 3 pointers). With Roy out, the Blazers began calling plays for Webster. When Webster wouldn’t miss, Portland continued giving him the ball, further increasing his confidence. Jarret Jack was surprised that the Jazz continued to leave Webster so open, saying: “That surprised me. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life… they kept leaving him open, I couldn’t understand it.”

What does this mean for Webster’s fantasy status? Well I think he’s a definite pick up at this point if he’s still a free agent in your league. If Roy isn’t 100% in the short run, a confident Webster will probably benefit with more minutes and more set plays. As of right now Webster’s averaging 11 points, 4 boards and a couple assists a game and I look for this to improve.

Brandon Roy Bruised Tailbone

(2) Roy out after nine minutes
Brandon Roy left Saturday night’s game against Utah after only 9 minutes with a sore tailbone (also known as the coccyx).

Roy did stay on the bench to witness Webster’s performance, however, saying afterwards that he might have been Webster’s “biggest fan in the gym.”

(3) Portland will not lose
Could this year be Basketball’s equivalent of the MLB’s ’98 Season when everybody and their mom had something to say about the McGwire/Sosa home-run chase? When Football’s done and over, it sure looks as if the NBA will have a lot going for them. As of right now:

  1. The Blazers are on an incredible streak and if they keep playing Utah every week (they’ve played Utah now 4 times since December 11), it looks like they might never lose again
  2. The Pistons and Celtics have brought back not only one of the best rivalries in the league, but an actual Eastern Conference threat to dethrone San Antonio
  3. Kobe is actually happy he wasn’t traded now that Bynum is playing amazingly
  4. Isiah Thomas’ poor performance is getting college students arrested

But seriously, the Blazers are showing great team chemistry and resiliency. First Oden went down at the beginning of the season and they still found ways to win. Now today, Roy can’t play past the first quarter, and they still pull off the victory–in decisive form! This team should be very good when Oden returns.

Full disclosure
These days my alliances are a little foggy. I used to be a huge Rockets fan because of The Dream, but because I’m from Southern California and only see them on TV, I’m starting to become an LA Lakers fan.

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To hoops,


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