Trailblazers 13 Game Winning Streak: The Facts

I don’t want to take anything away from the Portland Trailblazers, who are currently on a 13 game winning streak and have definitely been playing exceptionally, but the hater inside of me couldn’t resist writing this article. What I’ve concluded from my very basic research of the Blazers’ schedule the last 13 games and the standings of their opponents during that stretch is that Portland has not been playing difficult opponents.

The Figures

  1. The aggregate win-loss record of their opponents during the streak is 174-216, for a sub-par winning percentage of 44.6%.
  2. There are 30 teams in the National Basketball Association. If you rank them 1-30, with 30 being the worst, the average rank of team’s the Blazers have played the last 13 games is 18.2.
  3. This includes games against 4 out of the worst 5 teams in the league: Seattle (26), Memphis (28), Miami (29) and Minnesota (30). These teams have a combined win-loss record 29-90.
  4. During this stretch, they’ve only played 1 out of the top 8 teams in the entire league (New Orleans). This means they haven’t played Boston, Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix, Orlando, the Los Angeles Lakers or Dallas during the winning streak.
  5. Out of the 13 games, only 3 of them were on the road. Their last 6 games have all been at home.

I’ll leave interpretation up to the rest of you, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Edit Dec 31, 2007
On New Years Eve, the Utah Jazz finally defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, ending their 13 game winning streak. This was due in large part to the 19 points and 9 boards from Carlos Boozer & the 18 points and 8 assists from Deron Williams. The Jazz certainly came ready play, hoping to avoid a third consecutive loss to the Blazers (during the Blazers’ streak, they had defeated the Jazz twice).

To hoops,


4 thoughts on “Trailblazers 13 Game Winning Streak: The Facts

  1. While they haven’t had the toughest opponents, I think you still have to give the Blazers credit. After all, they weren’t expected to come anywhere near a 13 game win streak.


  2. First of all, even though the during the streak the Blazers did not play that many good teams, their schedule to date this year is among the top five as far as difficulty. Have you looked at the Celtics season so far by chance? At least finally they are starting to play some teams in the west.


  3. Just did an analysis for Boston. Their opponents are a total of 452-493 on the season for a winning % of 47.8%. If we use the same metric and rank each team 1-30 with Boston being #1 and Minnesota being #30 (best and worst in the standings), Boston’s average opponent has been a 16.63. So yeah, I agree that the Celts have had it easier in the early part of the season. Analysts have been talking about their most recent performances on the west coast, but besides the Lakers, they played garbage teams: 12-18 Sac-town, 9-23 Seattle, struggling Utah and struggling Houston.Can’t diminish what they’ve done either. Only a handful of teams have started 27-3 (including the record-setting 72-win Bulls team in the 90s).


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