Pickup of the Night: March 30

I’m sad to see Davidson out. How the hell did Stephen Curry decide to give the ball up at the end? Some news, though, is that cbs.sportsline.com is reporting that Curry will not go pro after this year, so it’s still at least another year before we will see him making threes for your fantasy team. Here is tonight’s Pickup of the Night:


This is a guy who had me on his bandwagon when Dirk went down. He has some ability and the Mavs just are not that deep. 21 points and 5 rebounds while shooting 6-12 from the field and 9-12 from the line is respectable. He is the first guy off the bench for this team, at least until Dirk gets back, so look for him early and look for him often.

Second Best: LUIS SCOLA

I loved this guy when Yao first got hurt. Then I hated him. Now I like him again, as he is becoming more involved in the offense. Not too much of a line, just 24 points and 7 rebounds (nothing else, literally). He shot a respectable 7-12 from the floor (I only say respectable since he is a big man) and 10-12 from the line. T-Mac has been giving signs he’ll probably choke again in the playoffs, so we should see Scola’s role increasing in the final few weeks of the season.

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Pickup of the Night: March 29


He is back from injury and has begun to string together some pretty good games. Look for him to get 25+ min/game for the rest of the year. Last night he scored 14 points, grabbed 8 boards and blocked two shots. Based on his FG%, it’s safe to say he’s been rusty the last few games, but expect him to improve with more action. And if you’re in a head-to-head league, Yi is for you because Week 23 (next week) the Bucks have a pretty easy schedule, playing: NY, Was, Ind and Ind. I predict a strong Week 23 for Jianlian.


Diaw has been on a pretty good stretch the last 5 games. He’s been averaging 12 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal and great percentages. Now add to that back-to-back games against Denver Monday and Tuesday, plus games against Minnesota and Dallas next week and Diaw looks like a great pickup for Week 23 fantasy owners. He won’t be available in all leagues, but I’d definitely check.

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Pickup of the Night: March 28

Not very exciting NCAA tourney games tonight. That Curry kid is amazing. Maybe one day he’ll win pickup of the night, but not tonight. That honor goes to:


That’s twice this week, but he has earned it. In 35 minutes, he recorded 15 points and 16 boards. But the amazing thing is the 6-8 from the field and equally good 3-4 from the line. Not too bad for a guy that usually kills you from the free throw stripe. Oh, and by the way, my mancrush Devin Harris had a huge night: 27 points, 4 threes, 4 rebounds, and 9 assists. He looks much better in a Nets uniform than he ever did in Big D.

Second Best: PAUL MILSAP

I gotta love this guy’s line last night. Only 13 points on 4-7 from the field and 5-7 from the line. Only 5 rebounds and 3 assists. But the 3 steals and 2 blocks really help, especially in H-2-H leagues. Utah is basically a team that is two-deep in fantasy talent right now, as AK47 has sucked recently. Milsap might be a guy that comes in with a lot of minutes, provides good shooting, rebounds, and plays defense. It’s worth a look if he’s available.

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